About Us


     5yrs ago I was diagnosed with Alopecia & my son Caleb was diagnosed with the same alopecia as an infant. I wasn't a candidate for shots, topicals, or anything else they had available. I was raised in a Faith believing household, we believed that mans extremity is God's opportunity! I believed that if God gave it to me he was going to give me a remedy for it. God never allows you to have a problem without giving you a solution! 2yrs later after nearly going bald, God gave me a solution that started in my kitchen!.

     I ran with it with NO money just faith! 3yrs later God allowed me to produce Healing Hydration Hair Loss Nourishment Therapy Deep Conditioning Cleansing Shampoo which stopped mine and Caleb's massive shedding with just ONE wash & Oil Moisturizer Conditioner that made mine & Caleb's hair silky soft and added strength/volume to our hair. Within 4 months ALL of my hair plus lots more was back better than ever. Today Caleb and I have Healthier, Fuller, Silkier, Softer & Longer hair! "In God We Trust because God has the Final say!

Cottina Perry