I am so pleased and happy with your products. I hope you don't mind me sharing. I lost some hair after having my baby a year ago and my edges are thin. My hair remains thick. Oh and my scalp is ridiculously dry. I received the product Friday afternoon and used it last night. I couldn't wait to experience what your product had to offer. So hear is what I found:

* Easy comb out during shampoo and after conditioning

*Light Hair

*Very Manageable and soft

*Quickest and easiest comb out ever

*Quickest and easy blow dry

*Scalp not as dry as it usually is

*Didn't lose much hair like I usually do

I love everything about it and you dont need much like you mentioned. I'm one happy customer. God Bless you, your products, and much success to you!

*Oh and l usually have to use some kind of product or oil before blow drying my hair. I didn't have to use any of it!

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